What is MELODA for

MELODA (MEtric for reLeasing Open DAta) helps data publishers (public and private) to make the most of the data they release for reuse but also for data reusers to know what will be more usable for creating new products and services.

The goal is to make reuse as widely adopted as possible, including commercial uses of data. Every type of generated data is possible to be assessed wit MELODA, including open government data, scientific underlying data, crowdsourced data, etc.

So that legal issues about information are considered as well as technical standards, access issues, timeliness, geolocation and data model issues. With this goal in mind MELODA helps to those entities trying to impact on its surrounding societies to reach the most of the reuse of their information.

Although it is mostly useful for open data, if the data are not open it could help as well, however reusability of closed data could involve additional dimensions not considered here.