Technical Standards MELODA 4.10

Description Weight (%)
Level 1. Closed standard non reusable

Data sources in this level are release on proprietary standards not focused on data reuse (i.e. image format for data or document standards).


1) pdf image

2) doc

Level 2. Closed standard reusable.  Other closed formats  somehow suitable for re-utilisation (data proprietary formats

3) shp

4) xls y xlsx with macro/formula

Level 3. Open standard

Data sources in this level are published on open standards but as individual files.


1) csv without further information

2) txt

3) odb

4) odt

5) ods

6) WMS

4) xls y xlsx without macro/formula

Level 4. Open standard, individual metadata

Data sources in this level includes those which provides metadata attached to any data. Semantic data  meet this level


1) rdf,

2) rss,

3) json

4) xml (with meta-tags)

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